Hello :)

I am a freelance Creative Photographer based in San Diego, California and fully available to travel all over the world!  I love to explore a diverse range of photography, including Environmental, Lifestyle, Product, Events and more. 

My creative style encourages my audience to engage more deeply with each photo. My photography is intertwined with all of my other interests and characteristics; my adventurer/explorer nature motivates me to create challenging perspectives and experimental angles. 

I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Purdue University, where I studied Photography, Media, and Spanish. I have also learned a great deal from traveling across the country and around the world to photograph, explore new cultures and experiences, and experiment with other creative mediums. I continue to grow my knowledge in the photography industry and beyond. I am excited for more extensive exploration in all of these areas.

I have developed my professional skills inside and outside of the photography world. My work reflects my knowledge of art, media, technology, and marketing, all of which I continue to expand on a daily basis. In addition to my freelance photography, for the past two and a half years I worked at Google creating photography assets, product support, and account management and coordination for some of their cutting-edge Virtual Reality technologies (Google CardboardTango). I welcome you to get in touch with me; I love meeting new people and creating new experiences around the globe! I'm always interested in what my audience has to say about my work, especially the kinds of feelings my photographs evoke.